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New Sales For Puppies, Pointers, Setters & Training & Boarding Servicing Davenport, IA, Chicago,IL

Swift Rock Kennels by Walnut & Rockford, IL also provides shock collars & these services on a National level in the United States from Mailbu, California, to Miami, Florida…including bird dog states like Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Montana.

By: Swift Rock Kennels

WALNUT, Ill. – May 5, 2017 – PRLog — Every outdoorsman or woman knows that when it comes to hunting…having a good dog is just as important as anything else on the trip. Introducing Swift Rock Kennels owned and operated by Bryan Camper. They have over 20 years of experience and train dogs for the hunter and field trialer alike. Swift Rock Kennels was started about 20 years ago in Rock Falls, Illinois and now they are located at 302 Harmon Road in Walnut, IL 61376. Swift Rock dogs are used for NSTRA trials, walking trials, guided hunts and wild bird hunting. They also specialize in the raising of English Setters and the training of all pointing breeds. For just $500 a month…your dog can be trained and boarded until the training is complete.

When it comes to purchasing a new dog for your passion and life…look no further! SRK has a wide variety of dogs to choose from. They have puppies, setters, pointers and many more to choose from. Their website has a nice listing of visuals to guide you through their availability now. There are new kennel facilities at Swift Rock Kennel and they have 40 runs under the roof with automatic roll down side walls, which allows for fresh air ventilation and enclosure during inclement weather. The facility is temperature controlled (heating/AC) and has a whelping room.

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